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Woman smears peanut butter on 30 cars because she thought the owners are Donald Trump supporters

By Mason White 12:31 PM October 23, 2016
Christina Ferguson 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after allegedly smearing peanut butter on cars because she thought the owners are Donald Trump supporters, according to police in Wisconsin.

Amherst police said that they have arrested the 32-year-old Christina Ferguson, after she disrupted a gathering and wrote obscenities on cars.

She was booked into jail, and released on bail. According to the police investigation, on Monday night, a conservation group met to discuss several issues.

The suspect entered the facility and began screaming that she hates Donald Trump. She was told that the group was not about politics and was asked to leave.

The woman, who was drunk at the time, used peanut butter to vandalize 30 cars. She used the peanut butter to draw offensive symbols and wrote obscenities.