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Woman arrested after accidentally locking herself in a pair of handcuffs

By Mason White 8:18 AM October 25, 2016
Cana Greer 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was arrested after calling police for help in removing a pair of handcuffs.

The woman of California, called the Sacramento Police Department for help in removing a pair of handcuffs that she places on her hand.

29-year-old Cana Greer was visiting her friend who used to be a security guard, when she spotted an old pair of handcuffs.

She slapped the handcuffs on herself and closed them. However, she was unable to remove them because her friend did not have the key.

Greer was forced to call police to remove the handcuffs.

When officers arrived, they conducted a background check and found that the woman was wanted in El Dorado County. She apparently had an arrest warrant for a robbery.

Greer was transported to a fire station to have the handcuffs removed before she was transported to the Sacramento County Jail.