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Woman who broke boyfriend’s manhood during sex is upset that she cannot have children

By Mason White 7:57 AM October 25, 2016
Steven Horden and Kiera Diss 

By: Chan Yuan
A man of the United Kingdom, was taken to a hospital after suffering severe injuries to his manhood during sex.

Steven Horden, 37, of Kent, said that he was having a passionate night with his girlfriend who was trying to conceive, when his manhood snapped.

Kiera Diss, 38, said that she feels responsible for the injury, which happened while she was “thrusting backwards.”

Horden suddenly felt sharp pain, and his manhood became bruised and bent out of shape.

Horden was taken to the Medway Maritime Hospital, where he stayed for four days, and he was forced to undergo a circumcision.

Doctors told the couple to refrain from having sex for six weeks so that the man’s private parts can heal.

The couple tried unsuccessfully to have children for the past six months. They were told that they may never have children due to the injury.

Kiera said that she was in “complete shock” over the incident.

“I am worried now that we will not be able to have children after trying too hard. Maybe this is fate telling us we shouldn’t,” Diss said.