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Father invited to TV show in an attempt to find missing daughter breaks down and admits to raping and killing her

By Mason White 3:02 PM October 26, 2016
Muge Anli and Irmak Kupal (left) Himmet Akturk 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) It was a very shocking day for people of a community in Turkey, when an effort to find a missing girl led to the arrest of her father.

4-year-old Irmak Kupal went missing while playing outside her home in Alasehir.

Her devastated family turned to an investigative TV show, which is known to help families get to the bottom of issues.

Everyone in the family appeared on the show and was interviewed.

When the girl’s father Himmet Akturk, appeared on the show, TV presenter Muge Anli presented questions to him about the disappearance of the child.

Anli, who analyzed all the aspects of the case, asked the father about the sequence of events leading to her disappearance.

He said that the child was playing outside their home when she went missing.

Many people searched for the child in the area, but the search was suspended after police said that the girl had a
genetic foot condition, which means that she was unable to walk too far.

Police then turned the case into a kidnaping investigation.

Meanwhile, Anli and her team of investigators asked Akturk many questions. To everyone’s shock, during the intense interview, the father suddenly broke down and confessed that he raped his daughter before killing her.

Akturk said that he disposed his daughter’s body in a dumpster. However, the next day, when he saw that the dumpster was not emptied, he removed the body and buried it.

He told the television presenter exactly where the girl was buried, and the remains were found.

Akturk was immediately arrested and was subsequently found guilty of raping and killing his daughter. He is now awaiting sentencing.