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Man hires women to shoot adult videos with him and sends them to their loved ones without paying the promised $33,000

By Mason White 3:22 PM October 26, 2016
Mario Ambrose Antoine 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested after conning women to have sex with him to make adult videos.

Mario Ambrose Antoine, 33, of Missouri, tricked dozens of women into having sex with him with the promise of paying them thousands of dollars for their services.

He also promised that their videos will be sold to a company oversees with a “zero percent chance of anyone finding out about them,” according to the affidavit.

Antoine made the women sign a contract and a release form. When the sex sessions were done, he told the victims that their checks will arrive in the mail.

However, the money never came. When the women complained, he intimidated them and sent the sex videos to their loved ones and employers, according to the federal indictment.

Antoine pretended to be “Nikki,” a porn talent manager, and he complimented women on their looks via social media and suggested that they audition for the adult video industry for quick cash.

He used a number of aliases and different business names like Playboy Worldwide to get women to audition for the “job.”

He promised to pay them $33,000 for each video, but he never paid the women. Instead, he harassed and extorted them for money or more sex.

Antoine, a former wedding photographer, is being held on 21 federal charges, including cyberstalking, online enticement and extortion.

If convicted, he faces more than 300 years in prison.