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Prison officer caught with syringe containing inmate’s sperm in her purse because he wanted a baby

By Mason White 8:50 AM October 26, 2016
Alison Sharples 

By: Feng Qian
A prison officer of the United Kingdom, was arrested after she was found to be carrying sperm of an inmate.

46-year-old Alison Sharples, who is a grandmother, was caught with a syringe in her purse during a security search when she arrived for her night shift.

At first, Sharples claimed that she used the syringe to give medicine to her granddaughter.

However, the substance appeared to be sperm and not medicine.

Her former friend, Nicola Ball, allegedly told police that the inmate left the sperm near his cell door in a plastic bag.

It was confirmed that Sharples had an affair with the inmate behind bars.

Investigators tested the DNA from the syringe and determined that it was a match to prison inmate Marvin Berkeley, the Preston Crown Court heard.

In her defense, Sharples claimed that she was given the syringe in the “course of her legitimate duties” by the inmate who “wanted to have a baby with her.”

Sharples was charged with misconduct in public office.