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Rapper throws $30,000 in the air and he laughs as homeless people push and scramble to catch cash

By Mason White 8:45 AM October 26, 2016
Terrell Davis AKA Ralo 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) People are criticizing a rapper for using desperate homeless people for his entertainment.

Terrell Davis, who goes by his stage name Ralo, is causing controversy with the video #RaloHomelessChallenge that he posted to Instagram.

The 21-year-old rapper of Atlanta, Georgia, went to a homeless shelter, where men and women were waiting to get food.

The homeless people were standing in line with plates in their hands when Ralo and his friends showed up. They opened the sunroof and “made it rain.”

The rapper and his friends threw $30,000 from his car into the crowd of homeless people.

Ralo and his friends watched and laughed as men and women fought one another to grab the dollar bills from the ground.

In his defense, Ralo said that he used to “make it rain” in gentlemen’s clubs, but now, he decided to keep his money and “make it rain” for Atlanta’s homeless people.

“I feel like I would rather give my money to those in need because those people probably needed the money more than anything.

“No matter how much good you do people are still going to say something bad about you,” Ralo said.

However, he was not discouraged and said that he will continue throwing his money at the homeless rather than at strippers, and he is encouraging others to take the #RaloHomelessChallenge and do the same.

“If I was hungry, I wouldn’t care if people threw cash to me or handed it to me, as long as I got it,” Ralo said.