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Mother who gave birth to healthy baby after 16 miscarriages loses the child to meningitis at 15 months old

By Mason White 11:48 AM October 27, 2016
Lizzie and Fleur-Rose Allen 

By: Wayne Morin
A mother wants to bring awareness to the symptoms of meningitis in order to save the lives of other babies.

32-year-old Lizzie Allen suffered 16 miscarriages before she gave birth to a healthy daughter.

Sadly, when Fleur-Rose Allen of Bridgnorth, England, was just 15 months old, she died of meningitis.

Fleur-Rose, who was born two-and-a-half months premature following a difficult pregnancy, died just days after she started walking for the first time.

Lizzie said that her daughter woke up crying with slight temperature. She thought it was a virus so she gave her daughter water and medicine.

However, Lizzie and her husband Matt, later took her to a hospital with a high fever.

Upon arriving at hospital, Fleur-Rose appeared to be much better and she started playing with toys. An X-ray on her chest was clear, but she still was not eating.

Fleur-Rose suffered a cardiac arrest, and she was rushed into the intensive care unit. Doctors came out to inform her parents that they did everything they could, but were unable to save their precious daughter.

The couple said that their daughter went from being a happy and smiling toddler to no longer alive in just 14 hours.

It was subsequently discovered that Fleur-Rose had been suffering from streptococcal meningitis.