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Students record themselves slicing open pregnant cat and removing four unborn kittens killing them

By Mason White 5:56 PM October 27, 2016
Alina Orlova and Alena Savchenko 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Two students were arrested on a charge of animal cruelty after being seen slicing open a pregnant kitten and removing its unborn kittens, according to police in Russia.

Khabarovsk police said that they have arrested Alina Orlova, 21, and Alena Savchenko, 19, after being accused of adopting cats and dogs before torturing them to death.

The students denied the allegations, saying that the photos and videos of them torturing animals are doctored. According to the police investigation, the two students adopted the pregnant cat from a shelter.

They promised to take good care of the cat, but instead, they ended its life in the most inhumane way, just to entertain themselves.

As the photos show, the students attached the cat to a rope and poked it with a knife several times. The desperate animal tried to escape, but it failed.

In the end, the two sliced the defenseless animal in half and proceeded to remove the unborn babies from the body. They then uploaded all the photos and videos on social media sites.

The two women, who study at the Pacific National University in Khabarovsk, have developed a hatred towards animals and were constantly looking to adopt puppies and kittens.

They would later taken them to an abandoned home at the outskirts of the city and kill them. After they tortured the animals to death, the women posed for photos and posted them online.

One puppy was hung and shot, while another one was bashed with a hammer and had the organs removed.

The two women posted photos with the animals shortly after adopting them, and asked their followers how they wanted the puppies or kittens to die.