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Burglars steal life savings of woman who did not trust banks by breaking into her home and stealing 100 gold bars

By Mason White 12:28 PM October 28, 2016
Gold bars (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
The owner of a cafe lost her entire life savings to burglars who broke into her home and took her gold bars, according to police in Minnesota.

The woman, who left Vietnam to seek a better life for herself and family in St. Paul, did not trust banks and kept her life savings at home.

57-year-old Phuong Dinh opened a cafe at 1197 W. University Avenue, and often works more than 12 hours a day. She amassed 100 gold bars worth around $130,000 and a diamond ring estimated at $36,000.

She also had $60,000 in cash in her home.

On Saturday, Dinh’s daughter, 33-year-old Patricia Dinh, came home around 6:00 p.m., and was shocked to find the side door broken.

The house was ransacked, and her mother’s entire life savings was missing. Phuong Dinh said that she canceled her plans to retire as she has no money left.

Police urged anyone with information to come forward. So far, no arrests have been made.