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Woman announces that her husband is now her wife and mother to her son

By Mason White 12:13 PM October 28, 2016
Andrea and Susanna Liang before and after  

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman is asking the public for money via GoFundMe to help her husband transition as her wife.

Susanna Liang of Brisbane, Australia, is looking to raise $35,000 to help her husband of 9 years become her wife.

“My husband said to me one day, ‘you’re going to hate me, but I want to become a woman,’ I was in total shock,” Susanna wrote.

“I just didn’t see it coming. I had a choice, to either walk away or stay with the person I loved. I decided to stay,” she added,

Over the coming year, her husband slowly transitioned to a new life. Her husband Andrew, became wife Andrea.

The couple found a new norm and Andrea finally felt happy with who he became.

He was in a good place and he was ready to start a family. Susanna went through IVF and she gave birth to a baby boy.

However, Andrea said that he cannot see herself as a complete female, and she wants her male parts removed so she can feel like a woman.

“Unfortunately, the operation is way out of our reach because of the cost. Hopefully, with all our help, we can make her dream come true,” Susanna wrote on GoFundMe.

However, so far, not one person contributed to the family’s fund called Andrea’s Facial Feminisation.