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Newlywed woman dies of heart attack during dream honeymoon after eating poisoned fish

By Mason White 5:19 AM October 31, 2016
Christine Fensome and Andy Bennetts 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A family in the United Kingdom, is very distraught after a newlywed woman died during her dream honeymoon vacation in Mexico.

54-year-old Christine Fensome of Herefordshire, married her lover, Andy Bennetts, 58, last month.

Fensome’s children, Brad, 33, Richard, 30 and Hayley, 29, said that they were happy that their mother found love after their father was killed many years ago in a hit and run.

The newlywed couple immediately went on their dream vacation in Mexico, where Fensome suffered a heart attack and died.

Doctors revealed that the night before suffering the heart attack, Fensome ate contaminated fish. Fensome suffered from ciguatera food poisoning before her heart stopped.

There is no way to check if fish are contaminated and there is no treatment for the food poisoning. Fensome left behind her broken-hearted husband, three children and five grandchildren.

She also left behind her mother Sybil Bowyer, her brother James Bowyer, and sister Marion Bevan.