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Sonic restaurant worker records herself lying in ice machine and uploads photos on the Internet

By Mason White 5:21 AM October 31, 2016
Sonic worker in ice machine 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Health officials in Ohio, launched an investigation after a Sonic restaurant worker was seen lying in an ice machine.

A spokesperson for Sonic, which is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, said that the employee no longer works for the company and the three others who were present, were disciplined.

The investigation was launched after the employee recorded herself lying in the ice machine. She then uploaded the photos on Facebook.

The employee was fully dressed and she had a smile on her face. The employee worked at the Sonic located at 3607 Dixie Highway in Middletown.

The manager of the restaurant said that all the ice was removed from the machine and it was disinfected. An inspector checked out the machine and determined that it was clean.