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Woman mails drugs to former boyfriend in prison to cause him to lose custody of their child

By Mason White 11:05 AM October 31, 2016
Jacklyn Suzanne Stacey 

By: Chan Yuan
While most people are happy to get letters while they are locked up in jail, one man was left angry and shocked by what he received.

A prisoner in Florida, was investigated after he received mail containing illegal drugs.

When a corrections officer detected the contraband in the envelope, he questioned the prisoner about it.

The man said that he only gets mail from his mother and from his former girlfriend, who is the mother of his child.

The man also informed the officer that the mother of his child, Jacklyn Suzanne Stacey, has been trying to get him in trouble so that she can get sole custody of their child.

When detectives questioned Stacey, she admitted to attaching the orange strips that contained drugs to the envelope and mailed them to the prisoner, but she added that her former boyfriend asked her to send the package.

Stacey was arrested on charges of trying to smuggle contraband into a detention center.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report does not list the age or current address for Stacey. The reason given is that she is a former law enforcement officer or the spouse or child of a law enforcement officer.