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Spider kills large mouse and drags it across man’s kitchen

By Mason White 6:44 PM November 1, 2016
Spider dragging dead mouse 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man in Australia, was shocked to see a large spider dragging a dead mouse across his kitchen.

Jason Womas of Queensland, took a video of the hungry spider dragging the mouse in the home of his neighbor.

Womas said that his neighbor called him as he was preparing to leave work and asked home to come over to his home to see something cool.

Womas arrived at his neighbor’s home, where he was led into the kitchen. He then saw the spider crawling on the refrigerator, and it was dragging along a dead mouse.

He quickly began recording the spider and uploaded the video to Facebook.

“So I am just about to leave for work, and my neighbor says ‘You want to see something cool?” And I say: ‘Hell yeah.’ So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse,” Womas wrote on Facebook.

The video went viral, and was seen more than 22 million times.

In a follow up, Womas wrote “Ok guys so just letting you all know that the spider is fine. We have named him Hermie, we have adopted him and he is now running his own extermination business out of our town. Oh and he is now paying rent.”