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Drunk government worker steals city forklift to move truck that was blocking her driveway at midnight

By Mason White 6:58 PM November 1, 2016
The forklift driver removing the car 

By: Feng Qian
A government worker was arrested for stealing a city forklift to move a truck that was blocking her driveway.

Police said that the woman of Cheyenne, Wyoming, was charged for DUI on Saturday, after using the forklift to move the vehicle that was blocking her driveway.

The Cheyenne Police Department wrote on Facebook that Ashley Basich, who works for the state, went to the site where the industrial forklift was parked and took it without the knowledge of her boss.

Her neighbors called police because they were unhappy with the noise she was making at midnight.

Police said that officers found a cooler of beer in the cab of the stolen forklift and Basich was wearing sandals, which is a possible violation of rules to operate a forklift, police said.