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Innocent bystander who panicked after hearing police shootout jumps into river and drowns

By Mason White 4:16 AM November 3, 2016
Man drowning in water (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
Police launched an investigation after a young man jumped into a river and drowned during a police shootout with criminals, according to police in Nigeria.

Oniyanrin police said that 31-year-old Gafar Ajibola, jumped into the Ogun River, after falling into a panic following the police shootout.

According to the victim’s uncle, who was not identified, Ajibola was washing his clothes in the river when he heard gunshots from the police, who were raiding several criminal hideouts.

Out of fear, he jumped into the river, where he drowned in the early hours of Saturday morning. Some people were arrested following the raid, and after questioning, they were released.

The uncle is demanding the arrest of the police officers who were involved in the raid, saying that the gunfire caused Ajibola to jump into the river.

No charges will be filed as the police officers were just doing their jobs.