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Owner of industrial packaging company is buried in cardboard tube that he always wanted to sell as coffin

By Mason White 10:53 AM November 2, 2016
Frederick (Fred) Norman Lee and the coffin 

By: Wayne Morin
The owner of an industrial packaging company came up with an idea for space saving coffins.

However, so far, the company has never taken the idea to the market.

Frederick (Fred) Norman Lee of Ireland, who was the owner of Industrial Packaging Ltd, thought that a cardboard tube would be the perfect way to bury people.

Lee wanted to sell the cardboard tube as a coffin so people can be buried standing up. Lee, who died at 97 years old, got his wish as he was the first person to be buried in a cardboard tube.

The tube is 25 inches in diameter and is usually used for casting concrete columns. The coffin was made of 12 sheets, each covered in a layer of waterproof glue, Lee’s son Ken said.

On the coffin tube, the family engraved a loving message of how Lee was the wonderful husband to his wife Patricia and proud father of his children.

In the 1950s, Lee began the now highly successful Industrial Packaging company in Bray, which is now run by some of his sons.

“He was the king of the cardboard tubes and now he was buried in one,” Ken added.