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Naked man arrested while driving with wires attached to his manhood

By Mason White 4:31 PM November 3, 2016
Kurt Jenkins 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested after showing off his private parts, which had wires attached to it, to unsuspecting passersby.

Police in Florida, said that the suspect, who was naked, was driving slowly through a neighborhood with electrical wires protruding from his manhood.

56-year-old Kurt Jenkins was charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition, exposure of sexual organs and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.

A witness called the Boynton Beach police, and reported that
a naked man drove by him while gesturing for him to look toward his groin area.

That is when the witness saw electric wires attached to Jenkins’ private parts.

The witness said that Jenkins asked him come into his car, but he refused and called police.

Officers who arrived, said that Jenkins was not cooperative and he was resisting arrest. He was brought to the ground and handcuffed, police said.