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People who drive with high beams on get punished by being forced to stare into the offending lights

By Mason White 4:39 PM November 3, 2016
Suspects staring into headlights 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in China, came up with a controversial way to teach drivers a lesson for violating the law.

Shenzhen police announced that drivers who improperly use their high beams at night, will be punished immediately.

Shenzhen police posted the warning to their social media page on Weibo. Police wrote that motorists who drive with their bright lights on, will be forced to sit on a special chair and stare into the blinding lights.

Yesterday, the offending drivers were ordered to sit on the chair and look into their high beams for a full minute. Police believe that this is the best way to teach drivers a lesson that they will not easily forget.

In addition to this, the offending drivers also received fines of 300 yuan ($44.30), got points on the licenses and they were made to recite laws on the proper use of headlights.

To add to their humiliation, people came to the designated areas and took photos and videos of the violators as they stared into the strong lights. The photos and videos were then posted it to the Internet.