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Police officer arrested for assaulting her former boyfriend after catching him with another woman

By Mason White 4:12 PM November 3, 2016
Officer Stacey Lyons 

By: Chan Yuan
A female police officer was arrested after assaulting her former boyfriend.

The Connecticut police officer was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct hours after representing the department in a new reality television series.

Bridgeport Police officer Stacey Lyons was chosen to represent her department in a reality television show called “Live PD.”
The two-hour reality show, follows six police departments and officers through a typical Friday night shift.

During the taping, officer Lyons arrested a man for domestic violence. A few hours later, the officer was arrested on the same charge.

Authorities said that officer Lyons, 33, went into the home of her former boyfriend and caught him with another woman.

Lyons was charged with domestic violence after allegedly assaulting her former boyfriend during an argument over the new woman.

Lyons was ordered to surrender her service weapon and she was placed on desk duty until the matter is handled in court.

According to police, the two got into a shoving match, and the victim was left with a small wound on his arm and nose.

The victim told police that he and Lyons broke up two weeks ago. However, the officer said that they were still together and they had plans of attending a wedding.