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Woman throws her underwear over police officer’s head and chokes him with it

By Mason White 4:15 PM November 3, 2016
Angel Muttley 

By: Feng Qian
A woman of Florida, was arrested for choking a police officer with her underwear.

The police officer was waiting with the Fort Pierce woman at a Lawnwood hospital on Sunday night, when she suddenly attacked the officer.

Authorities did not specify if the woman used her bra or her panties as part of the assault.

However, they did say that said the woman identified as 21-year-old Angel Muttley, threw her underwear over the officer’s head.

After the underwear slipped around his neck, the woman started pulling it and choking the officer. When the officer managed to turn around, Muttley let go of the undergarment and freed the officer from her grip.

The police officer was at the hospital to help his coworker find a room in the behavioral health section for the suspect so that the other officers could get a medical clearance.

Muttley was arrested, and she faces charges of aggravated battery of an officer and resisting arrest without violence.