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Prisoner files lawsuit after being raped by female counselor who gave birth to his child

By Mason White 12:18 PM November 4, 2016
Steven Moerman and Susan Lee Clingerman 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A prison inmate has filed a lawsuit against a female counselor for having sex with him and giving birth to his child, according to court documents in Michigan.

44-year-old Steven Moerman of Grand Rapids, said that 44-year-old Susan Lee Clingerman, used him as a sex slave while he was serving time in prison on a possession of drugs conviction.

In the lawsuit, Moerman alleges that Clingerman desperately wanted to have a baby and targeted him because he was vulnerable.

A DNA test confirmed that Moerman was the father of Clingerman’s child. According to state law, a prisoner is unable to consent to sex with a prison official.

A prison guard walked in on the two having sex in Clingerman’s office. Clingerman admitted to having sex with Moerman four times.

She pleaded guilty to misconduct in office, and was sentenced to serve 27 days in prison.