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Student kicked out of school for eating extra chicken nugget during lunch despite paying for it

By Mason White 12:21 PM November 4, 2016
Carrie Koller Waller and her son Carson 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A mother of a high school student in Tennessee, is extremely angry after her son was kicked out of school for eating an extra piece of chicken during lunch despite paying for it.

Carson Koller, who is a senior at the Farragut High School, was suspended on a charge of theft.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday, after Koller took six chicken nuggets instead of five that comes with lunch. He went to check out and paid extra for the 6th piece of chicken.

After he sat down with his food, Koller was told to wait for the principal, who suspended him for theft.

“My all-around hardworking and well-rounded teenager just got suspended from a day of school and after school band practice for taking an extra chicken nugget from the lunch line.

“Maybe I’m missing parts of the story, but in the past, the cafeteria has never hesitated to charge Carson double for the amount of food he’s taken or eaten.

“Today, he gets taken to the principal’s office for this. When I questioned the need to suspend over such an offense, I was told that they have to be consistent with people who take extra food, and that somewhere in the Knox County Handbook there is something to this effect.

“I almost don’t have words here, but aren’t there kids who get free lunches? Does my son really deserve suspension over hunger, especially when they have the ability to charge his lunch account for the items, which they did?

“How is it theft if he paid for it? It’s food. FOOD!!! Not weapons. Not drugs. Not alcohol. Not cheating on a test. Not inappropriate clothing or profanity. Not fighting. Not calling in threats. Not vandalism.

“I am shaking my head over this and not sure what to do, laugh, punish, argue, dress him up as a nugget bandit, or let it go. Does the suspension matter on his records?” The mother of the teen, Carrie Koller Waller, wrote on Facebook.