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Teen who is not pregnant claims she is pregnant and going to give birth soon to baby Jesus

By Mason White 12:16 PM November 4, 2016
19-year-old Haley claims she is pregnant with baby Jesus 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) The mother of a teenager persuaded her daughter to seek medical help after claiming that she was going to give birth to baby Jesus.

19-year-old Haley of the United States, has appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, where she proclaimed that despite tests confirming that she was not pregnant, she will give birth to a baby very soon.

Haley has taken many pregnancy tests since she told her mother that she was pregnant. All tests showed that she was not pregnant.

Her mother, Kristi, told Dr. Phil that she believes her daughter is delusional and a compulsive liar. Haley did gain about 20 pounds recently, but her mother contributes this to eating more food.

Haley said that she knew she was pregnant with Jesus, after the baby kicked inside of her one night. She said that she can feel the baby’s head resting near her belly button.

In the past, Haley has claimed that rapper Eminem is her father, and she has also lied about being on American Idol and donating a kidney to her half brother.