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Court allows girl to continue sexual relationship with her uncle as stopping her would be bad for her mental health

By Mason White 10:36 AM November 6, 2016
Josephine Petritz and her uncle 

By: Wayne Morin
A couple was shocked when a court ruled that their daughter was allowed to continue dating her uncle over their objection.

The parents’ heartbreak began when their daughter Josephine Petritz of Schildow, Germany, went missing.

Police released a photo of the girl along with a description of her, but they were unable to locate her.

After one year, the 16-year-old red-haired girl was located in France.

The girl revealed to her parents that she ran away with her 48-year-old uncle Gerrit Haager, because she was in love with him.

Haager is the girl’s uncle through marriage. The girl said that she and her uncle began their relationship when she was 14 years old, which is the age that a child can give consent in the country.

The parents, who believed that their daughter was groomed by her uncle, sent her to a psychiatric clinic for several weeks.

However, when she was released, the girl went to court, where she challenged her right to be in a relationship of her own choice.

The Higher Regional Court in Brandenburg, ruled that “prohibiting the love is a threat to the child’s well being.”

In addition, the court wrote the while “the relationship may be undesirable and socially ostracized, it is not forbidden and it was important to get the relationship out of secrecy.”

In the decision, the judge also noted that the girl has an “above average intelligent, matured early and knows what she wants.”

Many people expressed outrage over the judge’s ruling. One person wrote: “I work with patients with psychosomatic disorders. The courts are there to protect the vulnerable and this girl is clearly a child in need, not a “mature” grown-up woman. The uncle has to be put on a sexual offenders list for life.”