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Police officer suspended after attempting to use counterfeit check to buy Jaguar with his criminal gay partner

By Mason White 10:44 AM November 6, 2016
Sgt. Jonathan E. Moore and Anthony Aubin 

By: Feng Qian
A police officer was suspended after it was discovered that he was with his boyfriend who tried to use a counterfeit check to buy a Jaguar.

Police in New York, said that during their investigation, they learned that Sgt. Jonathan E. Moore, 35, and his partner, held underage sex parties, during which minors were plied with alcohol and had sex with adults.

The Schenectady Police Department said that Moore was at the car dealership when his boyfriend, 27-year-old Anthony Aubin, was arrested for trying to use a fraudulent check to purchase a 2016 Jaguar coupe for $92,000.

After the arrest of Aubin, who has a lengthy criminal record, police have launched a broader investigation that included multiple police agencies.

The investigation led to the allegations that a few gay police officers may have hosted or taken part in sex parties, also known as breeding parties, which included having sex with minors who cannot give their consent.

Moore, who is an eight year police veteran, was suspended while police decide whether to charge him in connection with the counterfeit check.