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Children are placed in orphanage after their father killed their mother while she was in bed with her lover

By Mason White 6:51 PM November 7, 2016
Lovers (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man turned himself in to police after chopping of the manhood of his wife’s lover and killing her.

Police in Russia, said that the husband of Tatarstan, said that he has long suspected his wife of cheating.

One day, the woman told her husband that she was going to visit some friends in the next village.

The husband said that he suspected that his wife went to meet a man for sex so he called her friends and he learned that his wife had lied and she was not with her friends.

The husband told police he suspected that his wife was cheating with a man from his village, so he went straight to his home.

The husband said that he caught his wife having sex with her lover, and he became furious. He took a knife and cut off the man’s private parts before stabbing his wife to death.

After the man turned himself in to police, officers went to the victim’s home and found that the lovers were deceased.

Police said that the couple’s children will be placed in an orphanage.