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Robber armed with a knife runs like a coward when restaurant owner goes after him with two knives

By Mason White 11:09 AM November 8, 2016
Hunter Hu 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) An armed robber ran for his life after a restaurant owner fought back with two knives.

The thief of Australia, found out the hard way that it was not easy to rob a Chinese restaurant owner.

The 19-year-old man walked into a Chinese noodle shop in Brisbane, and took out his knife. He then handed a note to the owner’s wife.

The note read: “I have a knife, give me money.” The woman handed the note to her husband, 46-year-old Hunter Hu.

Hu asked the armed teenager how much money he needed. The would-be-thief demanded his entire money box. Hu pretended as if he was going to bring money and he went to the back room.

However, he resurfaced seconds later not with money, but with two big meat cleavers.

When the teenager saw the armed owner, he fled, pushing a girl out of his way. He then accidentally ran into a man, who was loading groceries into his car.

The teenager then ran across six lanes of traffic while Hu was chasing after him shouting: “You have one knife, I have two.”

The armed robber ran into a fast food restaurant, where he was arrested by police.