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Homeowner uses bow and arrow to shoot burglar in the behind after stealing large amount of cash

By Mason White 5:37 AM November 9, 2016
Homeowner’s bow and arrow 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A homeowner is being questioned by police after allegedly shooting a burglar who raided his home and stole cash, according to police in Australia.

Sydney police said that the 68-year-old man, who was not identified, tried to stop the burglar from getting away with his valuables by shooting an arrow into his behind.

According to the police investigation, the burglar, who was not identified, broke into the home located on Glanara Court Saturday afternoon.

The thief took a large amount of cash, a purse and keys from the car. The thief then went to the garage of the house and entered into the homeowner’s vehicle.

He then started the car and tried to back out of the garage.

The 68-year-old homeowner, who was at home with his wife during the robbery, armed himself with a bow and arrow and went to the garage.

The homeowner confronted the thief with the bow and arrow, causing the vehicle to crash into a fence. The intruder got out of the car and jumped over a fence, and fled to his own car.

As he escaped, the homeowner fired an arrow, hitting the burglar in the behind. The intruder was wearing a black shirt with short sleeves.

He escaped from the scene before police arrived. The man who broke into the house was described as being short and Caucasian.

He had dark hair and olive skin. He has a tattoo on his left arm over his elbow. He is believed to be between 30 and 35 years old.

So far, no arrests have been made.