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Police officer fired after bragging about filling sandwich with feces and giving it to homeless man

By Mason White 11:17 AM November 8, 2016
Matthew Luckhurst 

By: Feng Qian
A police officer caused outrage after giving a feces filled sandwich to a homeless man.

Investigators in Texas, said that the officer was fired from his job after bragging to his colleagues about his despicable actions.

San Antonio officer Matthew Luckhurst told his colleagues that he was on bicycle patrol when he took two slices of bread and filled it with feces.

He then placed the contaminated sandwich into a styrofoam container and he put the container next to an unsuspecting homeless man.

Police chief William McManus said in a statement that Luckhurst committed a “vile and disgusting act.”

Luckhurst, who served as a police officer for five years, was fired after his colleagues, who did not find his actions funny, reported him to police.

Police went looking for the homeless man, but were unable to find him. It is unclear if he suffered from ill health due the officer’s actions.