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Woman posts nude photos of former boss to his wife’s Facebook page after he fired her

By Mason White 9:02 AM November 9, 2016
Kaylea Reid 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman of the United Kingdom, was found guilty of posting revenge porn on the Internet.

Kaylea Reid, 26, of Suffolk, was angry when she was fired from her job as a worker for Affinity Trust, which is charity that supports people with learning disabilities.

Reid decided to take revenge of her boss, Robert Page, by posting nude photos of him on his wife’s business Facebook page.

The Ipswich Magistrates’ Court heard that Reid received the nude photos from her boss before he got married.

The boss and his worker became close after she broke up with her boyfriend and “he acted as a shoulder to cry on,” according to court records.

Less than a year later, when she was fired, Reid used the nude photos to get revenge on her former boss.

The court heard that Page’s new wife is the director of a tool supply company, and Reid posted the two private sexual photographs to the Facebook page of her business.

In court, Reid admitted to posting the photos without Reid’s consent and with the intention of causing him distress.

Reid, who was facing two years in prison, was given a conditional discharge for six months.

Magistrates did not order Reid to pay compensation to her victim due to what they described as his “provocative behavior.”