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14-year-old girl weighing 308 pounds dies after choking on whole pickled egg hours after attending diet club

By Mason White 4:14 AM November 10, 2016
Anna Sexton 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young girl of England, lost her life after choking on her favorite food.

14-year-old Anna Sexton, who weighed 22 stone (308 pounds) and had a BMI of 47, loved to eat whole pickled eggs without chewing it.

The family tried to help Anna lose weight and eat healthy. They also enlisted the help of professionals. The teenager went to a diet club to help her manage her weight a few hours before her death.

Her grandparents, Sally and Michael Sexton, who had been her legal guardians since 2011, said that the girl would sneak into the kitchen during the night to get food.

She especially loved the pickled eggs. One day, her grandfather found her lying on the bathroom floor. He called an ambulance and emergency workers had a hard time opening her airway due to her size.

She was pronounced dead a short time later. Pieces of the egg were found in her tracheal pipe. Pathologist Dr. Linmarie Ludeman ruled that the girl died of asphyxiation.