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Teen who sold herself for $50,000 to pay mother’s medical bills will allow man to use her body

By Mason White 3:11 AM November 10, 2016
Cao Mengyuan and Wu Zhaofang 

By: Chan Yuan
A teenager in China, posted an ad on social media, in which she put herself up for sale in order to have money to pay for her mother’s medical bills.

19-year-old Cao Mengyuan of Gaozhou, said that she had to raise money to help her mother who was diagnosed with skin cancer.

45-year-old Wu Zhaofang was taken to the Gaozhou People’s Hospital, after developing an infection on her leg. The hospital told the family that the cost of the treatment would be $50,000.

Since Mengyuan had no money, she decided to sell herself.

Mengyuan will allow any man to use her body in exchange for $50,000. She posted the ad on WeChat. Her post went viral and received thousands of comments and shares.

Eventually, a man came forward and gave the teen $50,000. The man did not disclose how he plans to use the teen’s body.

Mengyuan handed over the money to the hospital, and her mother is scheduled to undergo surgery next week.