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Cafe offers free sex with robot with purchase of coffee

By Mason White 5:09 AM November 11, 2016
Sex robot (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
The owner of a cafe in Switzerland, has announced that his company will offer free sex with a robot with the purchase of a coffee.

Bradley Charvet, who also owns Facegirl, which is an escort service, said that he will charge $62 for a cup of coffee, but consumers will be able to have sex with a robot of their choice for free.

Charvet originally planned to employ prostitutes at the cafe, but legal issues arose. Charvet is in talks with a U.S. manufacturer to purchase several sex robots for about $3,000 a piece.

A government official has commented about the idea of offering sex at the cafe, saying that paid sexual services are prohibited in public establishments.

Charvet thinks he can skirt legal issues by offering sex with non humans. Consumers will be able to choose the robot of their choice on an iPad.

They will then be given rooms along with their coffee, and will be pleasured as they consume the beverages.