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Couple dies after secretly taking drugs and kissing goodbye in front of their shocked family

By Mason White 6:16 PM November 10, 2016
Couple kissing 

By: Wayne Morin
A family of the United Kingdom, was horrified when their parents kissed and said goodbye shortly before they died.

An inquest has heard that Michael Jones, 59, and his wife Lynette, 56, of Gloucester, went to bed at a midnight, were they overdosed on painkillers.

At 1:45 a.m., they returned to their kitchen to join their son Stephen, daughter Rachel, and son-in-law Darren Bishop.

Rachel made them a coffee, and the couple hugged, kissed and said goodbye to each other. When Michael tried to get up from his chair, he was unable to move. His daughter called an ambulance.

Lynette admitted that she and her husband both consumed a lot of Carbamazepine. The couple died shortly thereafter.

Rachel said that her father had said some things on that fateful night, which she later realized were significant.

He said: “if something happens to me and your mom, you have our apartment. You will always have a place to live,” she told the court.

The couple left a suicide note, saying that they loved their family and friends, and that they “had enough” from their hardships.

The couple had been going through a very tough time, after someone accused Michael of sexually abusing a young child.

He maintained his innocence and told his family that he never touched the child. A jury found Michael not guilty. A few weeks after he was cleared of all the charges that were brought against him, the couple decided to commit suicide.

According to family members, the couple had financial issues, which forced them to move into a smaller apartment. They struggled with a family member who has a drug problem, and they had health issues.

Gloucestershire senior coroner Katy Skerrett concluded that both had committed suicide.