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Firefighters rescue cat named Thomas Jefferson from drain pipe

By Mason White 4:41 PM November 10, 2016
Cat named Thomas Jefferson rescued from drain pipe 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Firefighters were called after residents noticed a cat in distress, according to the Nashville Fire Department in Tennessee.

Nashville Fire Department spokesperson Brian Haas said that firefighters were called on Tuesday around 1:30 p.m., after people heard the cat named Thomas Jefferson, crying.

The cat was stuck inside a drain pipe near the 3800 block of Gallatin Pike. Firefighters arrived at the scene, where they found a wet and miserable orange cat.

It was trapped and meowing in an underground pipe.

Firefighters learned that the cat climbed to the top of a building before falling three floors and getting stuck in the drain pipe. It took about 20 minutes for firefighters to release the cat.

The cat belongs to Joseph Kline, who is the president of the Watkins College. Jeferson is expected to make a full recovery.