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Man gets light jail sentence for killing his girlfriend’s coworker after coming home to find him having sex with her

By Mason White 10:48 AM November 10, 2016
Roy Tabalbag, Geecy Rebucas and Amin Sthapit (insert) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was given a light jail sentence for killing his girlfriend’s coworker after walking in on them having sex in his home.

Roy Tabalbag of Australia, said that he had lost control when he walked into his home in Sydney, finding his girlfriend having sex with her coworker.

Geecy Rebucas and her coworker Amin Sthapit, first met at the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay, where they both worked as chefs.

Rebucas was also attending a cooking school, which is where she was supposed to be when her boyfriend came home from work early.

Tabalbag, 31, was so shocked and distraught by seeing his girlfriend of five years in bed with her coworker that he grabbed a knife and chased Sthapit.

Sthapit ran into the bathroom, but Tabalbag broke down the door and stabbed him repeatedly.

Justice Jane Matthews said that it was “clearly a huge shock to open the door to reveal what was happening inside. The violence was of a very serious and sustained nature, but he truly had no control over his actions.”

The judge sentenced Tabalbag to four and a half years in prison after he was found not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter instead.