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Toddler hospitalized after drinking alcohol from sippy cup that mother smuggled into high school football game

By Mason White 10:56 AM November 10, 2016
Sippy cup (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A mother lost custody of her young son after he drank alcohol from a sippy cup.

The woman of Ohio, was arrested after her toddler drank vodka that was inside a sippy cup during a high school football game.

Andrea Mucciarone, 30, is accused of concealing the alcohol in the sippy cup so she can smuggle it into the Conneaut High School, for a football game.

However, her 23-month-old son became thirsty and took the sippy cup. After consuming the vodka, the boy began feeling ill. A family member took him to a hospital, police said.

Employees at the UH Conneaut Medical Center, contacted police at 11:00 p.m., to report that the child had alcohol in his system.

Mucciarone is facing charges of child endangerment. Her son was placed in emergency temporary custody at the Ashtabula County Children Services, police said.