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White farmer caught on video forcing black man into coffin and threatening to kill him with venomous snake

By Mason White 5:07 AM November 11, 2016
White farmer forcing black man into coffin 

By: Chan Yuan
People in South Africa, are outraged after a video surfaced, showing a white farmer forcing a black man into a coffin.

The video that was uploaded to the Internet, went viral, receiving thousands of comments.

The video shows the shocking moment that the white farmer of KwaZulu-Natal, forced the young black man into a wooden coffin.

The black man screamed and was terrified when the farmer tried to shut the lid of the coffin with him inside. The farmer is then heard threatening to kill the black man by setting him on fire.

He also threatened to kill him with a venomous snake.

The vast majority of people who saw the video, called on the police to arrest the farmer on a charge of assault, but some defended the landowner’s actions, saying that the apparent victim tried to commit a crime before being pushed into the coffin.

So far, no arrests have been made.