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70-year-old man cries after sex doll that looked like his dead wife broke

By Mason White 4:40 AM November 14, 2016
Zhang Wenliang with his sex doll 

By: Chan Yuan
An elderly man in China, revealed that he felt the pain of losing his wife twice after a sex doll that looked like his wife broke.

70-year-old Zhang Wenliang of Chongzhou, said that after his wife died, he bought a $2,500 sex doll in order to have a partner in his home.

Wenliang used his wife’s clothes to dress the doll and placed it in his bed every night. He believed that his wife’s soul went into the sex doll, and he really enjoyed its company.

Wenliang worked as a doctor and treated countless people with cancer. However, when his wife fell ill with cancer, he was unable to help her.

Wenliang revealed that every night, he dressed the doll in his wife’s favorite red sweater and placed it near him in bed. He then spoke to the doll until he fell asleep.

Recently, the sex doll’s wrist broke, and Wenliang felt the anguish of his loss again. A sex doll maker was so moved by his sad story that he was given a new doll this week.

Wenliang is very excited as the new doll reminds him of his wife when she was young. He is very satisfied with the looks of the doll and its facial features.

The doll can make sounds and it is temperature controlled.