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Woman beats husband with machete after he was out all night drinking

By Mason White 5:46 PM November 13, 2016
The woman confronting her husband 

By: Feng Qian
People in Thailand, were shocked to see a woman confronting her husband with a large machete.

The woman pulled up in a pickup truck after spotting her husband sitting on a flight of stairs near street vendors who were sleeping.

The woman confronted her husband after he was out drinking all night. Passersby recorded the intense confrontation on a street in Bangkok.

According to witnesses, the woman said that she had been driving around the city all night, searching for her husband and was not going to let him go when she finally found him.

However, the husband was not ready to go home with his angry wife. She walked back to her truck and pulled a huge knife before walking towards her husband.

The two began to argue as she ordered her husband to get into the truck, but when he refused and began walking away, the woman hit him with the flat part of the blade.

She then pointed the blade at the man’s face, and he finally did as he was told. He got into the truck and drove off. Witnesses said that the woman berated her husband as he drove away.