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Man gets chopstick stuck inside his manhood

By Mason White 5:43 PM November 13, 2016
The X-ray showing the chopstick 

By: Chan Yuan
Doctors released an X-ray of a man who came to their hospital with a chopstick stuck in his manhood.

Doctors in China, said that the man was too shy to go to a doctor to talk about a problem he was having with his private parts.

The man, who was identified as Chen of Hangzhou, was concerned when he saw blood in his urine. Instead of going to the doctor, Chen stuck a seven-inch stainless steel chopstick in his manhood.

However, Chen was unable to remove the chopstick after it got lodged in his body.

The X-ray showed the chopstick had been inserted until it reached the man’s rectal wall.

Doctors said that Chen could have killed himself if he had inserted it a bit further.

Chen underwent surgery to have the chopstick removed. Doctors said that the surgery was successful and the patient is recovering at the hospital.