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Teacher in trouble after telling black students ‘Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa’

By Mason White 1:27 PM November 14, 2016
John Sousa 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A teacher was suspended after a man took to social media to complain about his actions.

A teenage student in Florida, came home from school very upset and told her father that the teacher made a derogatory remark towards a few African American students.

The father, Donnie Jones Jr., took to Facebook, where he wrote about the teacher’s alleged behavior, which occurred in the hallway during a break between classes.

The father said that his daughter’s teacher, John Sousa, who is white and works at Wesley Chapel High School in Pasco County, told the African American students: “Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa.”

People called on the school to investigate the teacher. Sousa, who is also a coach of the boys golf team, was placed on administrative leave.

Jones wrote a follow up post, saying that he called Sousa to find out what happened.

“He actually admitted saying it,” Jones wrote. “He said it was just an off the wall comment and wasn’t meant to be racist,” he added.

Sousa explained that there was “a bunch of male and female students in the hallway and he was talking to everyone,” Jones said.