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Naked woman runs into street claiming she was raped by man after having sex three times in one night

By Mason White 2:10 AM November 16, 2016
Sizwe Mlaba 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was paraded naked on the streets by residents after a woman accused him of raping her.

32-year-old Sizwe Mlaba said that a one night stand with an older woman ruined his life.

Mlaba of Katlehong Township in South Africa, claims that his reputation was ruined after having sex with a 49-year-old woman who approached him at a bar.

Mlaba told police that the woman was making moves towards him all night. After talking to her, the woman “insisted on coming with me,” Sizwe said.

The two went to his home, where they had sex. “During the third round, she suddenly ran out of the house naked, and started screaming that I was raping her,” Sizwe added.

People who heard the woman’s screams, came to the home and began hitting Sizwe with steel pipes.

He was then forced to walk naked through the streets. A neighbor, who saw Sizwe coming home with the woman earlier in the night, came to his rescue and told people that the woman entered his home willingly.

Sizwe then went to the police station, and opened cases against the woman and the people who had attacked him.

When the police interrogated the woman, she allegedly admitted that she had been lying.

Sizwe said that the woman ruined his life and reputation, and he cannot walk on the street in peace because everyone thinks that he is a rapist.

Katlehong’s spokesman, Captain Mega Ndobe, confirmed the incident, and said that they arrested four people on charges of assault. They have also arrested the woman.