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Priest places aborted fetus on altar and prays for it before turning it over to God

By Mason White 2:13 PM November 15, 2016
Father Frank Pavone 

By: Wayne Morin
A priest is under investigation after a video emerged, showing him praying next to an aborted fetus that was placed on an altar.

Father Frank Pavone of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo, Texas, uploaded a video on Facebook, showing him turning in the aborted fetus to God, and urging people to support the Republican Party.

The video, which was posted on the priest’s Facebook page on Sunday morning, quickly went viral. The video received 900 “love” reactions, 4,000 “sad” reactions, 6,500 “likes” and 9,100 “shares.”

It also had more than 7,000 comments. The video was recorded in Staten Island, New York.

Amarillo Diocese Bishop Patrick J. Zurek condemned the video, saying that using an aborted fetus in such a manner is against the dignity of human life and is a desecration of the altar.

Pavone claimed that the aborted fetus was given to him for burial. He placed the fetus on the altar and began to pray. He then urged members to support the Republican Party, whose members are against abortion.

After completing his prayer, Pavone handed over the fetus to God.