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15-year-old lovers livestream themselves shooting at police before committing suicide

By Mason White 10:27 AM November 16, 2016
Denis Muravyov and Katya 

By: Feng Qian
Police in Russia, were called after two teenage lovers ran away from their homes together.

The two 15-year-old kids who were identified as Denis Muravyov and Katya, ran away after getting into a fight with her mother.

Police in Strugi Krasnyye, Pskov, began searching for the teens after Muravyov shot Katya’s mother in the leg during an argument.

Katya’s mother was angry when her daughter and boyfriend of six months, went to a sleepover without her permission. They all got into an argument before the mother was shot.

The teens ran away and spent three days in a home, where they drank alcohol, smoked and played with guns. They used the video sharing app Periscope to livestream themselves throughout their ordeal.

When police located them, the duo live-streamed themselves shooting at a police car with two different rifles.

When officers finally stormed the home, they found the lovers dead. In the livestream videos, which went viral online, the teens said that they faced a long prison term for shooting the mother.

Katya is heard saying that they have “zero options.” Denis added: “If we don’t surrender, we die, but if we surrender, we will never see each other again.”