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Man marries snake as it looks like his dead girlfriend

By Mason White 4:58 AM November 17, 2016
Husband and snake watching TV together 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man of Singapore, revealed that he married his pet snake because it looks like his dead girlfriend.

The man, who was not identified, lives with his childhood sweetheart for many years until she suddenly died.

For 5 years, the man was sad and depressed until he found his pet snake. The man said that he instantly realized that the snake looks like his girlfriend.

He believes that his girlfriend’s soul is living in the snake. The man, who is a Buddhist, believes that humans can be reincarnated i animals.

Now, wherever he goes, the pet snake is by his side. His neighbors call him the man with the snake. People who visited the man with the snake, uploaded many pictures of the inseparable couple on the Internet.

One image shows the man working out in the gym while the snake was watching him lifting weights. Another image shows the man taking his cobra out shopping at the market.

A third image shows the snake sitting behind the wheel of the man’s car. The man noted that it is not illegal for a snake to drive a car.

A fourth image shows the snake sitting and watching TV along with its husband.