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Police sniper kills man who was holding estranged wife’s 2-year-old daughter hostage at gunpoint

By Mason White 3:52 PM November 16, 2016
Salvador Reyes with the toddler in his hand 

By: Tanya Malhotra
It was a very frightening time for a mother when her estranged husband broke into her home and took her daughter hostage.

42-year-old Salvador Reyes of Oklahoma, broke into his estranged wife’s home at midnight, and took her 2-year-old daughter hostage.

His wife of Tulsa, was able to escape from the house with her three older children. When police arrived at the scene, Reyes was in the front yard with the girl, but he then ran inside.

A Spanish speaking police officer attempted to negotiate with Reyes, in an attempt to persuade him to come out or at least to release the hostage, but he did not cooperate.

At 3:06 p.m., after a three-hour standoff, Reyes stepped out on the second floor porch of his wife’s home. He had the child in his hand and held a gun to her head.

Fearing for the safety of the child, Officer Jason Lawless took aim at Reyes, and hit him in the head. Reyes fell to the ground with the baby.

Police posted video of the incident to the Internet. Police officers then ran into the home, were they confirmed that the suspect was dead and the baby was unharmed.

Reyes and his wife married in 2009, and they had three children together. Reyes was not the father of the 2-year-old girl.

The violence came a few days after his wife filed for divorce.