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White men offering angry Hillary Clinton supporters to spank their bottoms to relieve their frustration

By Mason White 6:19 PM November 16, 2016
Woman getting a spanking (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
Several white guys are offering themselves up to angry Hillary Clinton supports in order to help them relieve their frustration, according to ads on Craigslist.

Since the people of the United States have elected Donald Trump as their next president, many Hillary Clinton supports have taken to the streets to protest.

Some protests have turned violent, including one in Portland, Oregon, where a protester was shot.

Man young voters who supported the failed election campaign of Hillary Clinton, are very depressed and angry that Trump will be able to implement policies to restrict immigration.

Trump will easily be able to reverse many policies of President Barack Obama, as republicans hold control of the Senate and the Congress.

As a result, white guys are offering themselves up to Clinton supporters, offering them a chance to spank a white guy.

One ad on Craigslist reads: “Mad about Trump? Let me be your human kicking or punching bag. I voted for Trump. If you are feeling angry about Trump, and you feel like relieving some stress, use me as your personal kicking or punching bag.

“Kick me with your bare feet, punch me, and verbally humiliate me. Please contact me. I’m a college educated sane individual. No nudity involved.

“Completely one sided, you do all the kicking, kneeing, punching, slapping, I will just take it. I’m generous in compensating you for your time. Can host at my place. Jay.”

Another Craigslist ad reads: “Take out your Trump anger by spanking a white guy. First and foremost, I am not a Trump supporter. I feel he is a misogynist, racist, hateful being who promotes hate and venom, and stands for the worst.

“However, and unfortunately, he is a very real part of America. A lot of people are having trouble dealing with their anger. This is not a solution, but maybe a small, fun, cathartic escape. Take out your anger by putting me over your knee and giving me a hard spanking.

“I’m an in-shape, and an attractive white male. Yes, I was born a middle class white boy. Yes, I am liberal and fight for the rights of others, but I’m willing to donate my behind to help you try and cope. Should be fun for both of us.

“Also open to taking one for the team and getting it from Hillary supporters, also known as decent human-beings.”